Spa Visits Reduce Burnout at Work

Spa Visits Reduce Burnout at Work

Next time you feel burned out at work, visit to your local spa because new research shows a day at the spa can help employees deal with occupational stress.

According to a study published in 2010, 65 individuals who were experiencing occupational burnout benefited substantially from spa therapy. The patients who underwent spa therapy experienced less fatigue and stress, got better sleep, and had more motivation toward their work.

Each of the individuals tested had been experiencing some form of burnout. In the study, burnout was evaluated two ways: mild burnout, or feeling emotionally worn out; and full burnout, in which the individual’s exhaustion prevented him or her from working effectively. In some cases, full burnout caused illness and required the individual to miss work.

Spa therapy has been known to have relaxing effects, but it has also been scientifically proven to boost both mental and physical health. Preventing burnout makes your workday much more enjoyable than treating burnout. If you feel stressed, tired, or detached, make an appointment with Beleza Med Spa today.

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