Smart Lipo Austin Doctors


Smart Lipo Austin Doctors

The Smartlipo laser technologies started in Europe, and the FDA approved them for the United States in 2006. Smartlipo is projected to grow 12.3 percent per year until 2017. Laser lipolysis offers cutting edge technology to patients who desire a precisely sculpted body. Cynosure manufactures Smartlipo, and they utilize medical-grade lasers to create laser beams powerful enough to annihilate fat cells without traumatizing the nearby nerves, soft tissues and blood vessels.

Bleeding and Bruising to a Minimum

Smartlipo uses cutting-edge technology that keeps bleeding, bruising and swelling to a minimum. Traditional liposuction techniques are more invasive and take longer to recover from. With Smartlipo, the laser functionality works at a specific frequency to achieve the desired effects.

How the Process Works

Lasers are precise and liquefy the fat cells before removing them from the target location. After the fat cells have been liquefied, they are suctioned away from the body using a hollow tube that has a tiny diameter. The advantage of using a small-sized cannula is that it ensures no scarring after the procedure, which is why it has become a popular choice for both surgeons and patients.

Tightening the Skin

People choose this method over conventional liposuction because the aftermath does not involve loose and saggy skin. In fact, the lasers can increase the elasticity of the dermal tissue. After the Smartlipo procedure has taken place, a doctor will direct the laser beam at the skin tissue as a method of ensuring renewed and healthy collagen. In the weeks after the procedure, the skin tightens up and translates into a smooth body.

Good Candidates for Smartlipo

Good candidates for Smartlipo would be non-smokers, and people who are in good health before the procedure. A patient should be close to their ideal weight beforehand. People seeking to sculpt their body will receive the best results from a Smartlipo treatment. Smartlipo is minimally invasive, and it provides a quick return on your investment. Smartlipo technology is supported by more than nine years of clinical study and evidence-based science.

Doctors in the Austin area provide excellent results for Smartlipo, and people looking for a safe method to make the contour of their body look better will be hard-pressed to find a better option. Smartlipo provides a consistent outcome that ensures patient satisfaction. Additionally, there is less trauma and patients heal faster compared to traditional liposuction. For those who don’t want to go through surgery, Smartlipo gets results with fewer side effects

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