Liposuction Specials

Liposuction Specials

So you’ve been dieting and working out and you look great except for that stubborn belly pooch. Or maybe for you it’s the upper thighs, or the buttock area. The problem area that just won’t respond to diet and exercise. If only you could wave a magic wand over the area and make it vanish.

Maybe you can. Liposuction is fantastic at removing small deposits of fat from “problem areas.” Some people refer to liposuction as “body contouring” surgery because of how successful it is at re-shaping the body. Liposuction performed as a substitute for diet and exercise isn’t as successful- these individuals almost always just gain the weight back again. But for the person dedicated to a healthy lifestyle who just needs a little help with one or two areas liposuction can be a dream come true.

Is it safe?
Liposuction is very safe when used to perform “body contouring.” It only becomes risky when large volumes of fat are removed. As with any invasive procedure there are slight risks of infection, and in very rare cases a patient may react badly to the anesthetics. Individuals with severe heart problems or clotting disorders should probably not undergo liposuction, just in case.

How is it done?
Most body contouring procedures are done under sedation with a local anesthetic only. Use of a local anesthetic avoids the risks of full anesthesia and also speeds up recovery.

Traditional liposuction is performed by injecting a large volume of a solution of local anesthetics into the fat and then simply suctioning the fat out from under the skin through a tiny incision. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses harmless ultrasound to liquefy the fat so it is easier to suction out. Laser-assisted liposuction uses low-energy lasers to liquefy the fat. Ultrasound and laser-assisted procedures tend to produce less bruising and have a faster recovery time.

What is the recovery like?
Most individuals are able to return to work the very next day, and resume all normal activity within a week. The improvement in the body contour should be immediately visible and will become even more apparent as the swelling subsides over the next few weeks.

There will be bruising and swelling, and some pain, after the pro
cedure. Often the area will need to be kept wrapped in compression bandages for several weeks. The worst of the swelling will subside within a week.

Most individuals are delighted with the improvement in their looks and wonder why it took them so long to take action. If you’re tired of the futile fight with your “problem area” now is the time to come on in and get it taken care of permanently.

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