Liposuction Deals and Finding a Qualified Surgeon


Liposuction Deals and Finding a Qualified Surgeon

For those thinking about liposuction, there are a few considerations to think about before you pick up the phone. You’ll need to pick the best surgeon for the best price, but you’ll also need to do research on the right procedure specific to your body type and the work to be done.

How to Choose a Surgeon
Plastic surgeons perform liposuction. There are certifications that the surgeon must have before they can perform surgery on patients. They need to be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the certification should be current.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

1. Are you trained in advanced cardiac life support?
2. Do you have malpractice insurance?
3. Have you ever lost privileges in a hospital?
4. Do you have any previous or pending law suits from patients?

Depending on the amount of money you have to spend on surgery, you’ll need to understand the various procedures to be used for liposuction. There is laser liposuction, wet technique liposuction, super wet technique, ultrasonic technique and vaser liposuction. When contacting a surgeon, it’s important to research the different types of liposuction surgery, so that you can talk to the doctor about the specific procedure that interests you.

While the experience and expertise of the doctor can be a factor in the cost, there are a few other factors that can contribute to the overall cost of the procedure too.

Procedure Time
This is affected by the size of the patient, difficulty in the procedure and areas to be treated. If the patient has previously gained and lost weight, this can make the procedure a bit more difficult. This contributes to the cost. The abdomen costs more than a procedure on the hips. The presence of scar tissue makes any of these procedures more difficult, time-consuming, and therefore; more expensive.

Procedure Type
If the surgeon can use a local anesthetic on the patient, the cost of the procedure is dramatically lower than if the patient needs to be sedated. The cost of the anesthesiologist and his or her materials has to be added into the cost of the procedure. Some surgeons list a global fee but not whether that includes the cost of the anesthesiologist.

As long as the surgeon is qualified and you’ve done your research, there’s no reason not to search for liposuction deals. The problem with low cost surgery is not having a qualified surgeon. You eliminate that problem when you research your surgeon’s credentials before even beginning a consultation. That makes it easy to call qualified doctors for liposuction deals

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