Lipo 6 vs Lipo


Lipo 6 vs Lipo

What is Lipo 6?

Lipo 6 is an over the counter ‘fat burner’ supplement used for weight loss.  It contains several active ingredients that curb the appetite and stimulate metabolism.  The ultimate goal is to remove fat from the body.  Lipo 6 contains multiple pharmaceutical like ingredients including synephrine, yohimbine, guggulsterones, anhydrous caffeine and bioperine.  Synephrine is related to the drug ephedrine and has various effects on the cardiovascular system including increasing heart rate and blood pressure.  Yohimbine is a bark extract that has both mild stimulant and aphrodisiac properties and can increase blood flow.  Guggulsterones are plant based extracts that stimulate thyroid function.  Anhydrous caffeine is a potent form of caffeine that acts as a stimulant and can cause central nervous system overload.  Bioperine is black pepper extract that slows down the metabolism of other drugs.

Does Lipo 6 work?

As you can see, Lipo 6 contains a soup of compounds with drug like properties that can have many side effects.  The internet is awash with multiple reports of ER visits and hospitalizations after use of Lipo 6.   There is no doubt that the multiple stimulants included in Lipo 6 will have a potent appetite suppressant effect.  Combined with a low calorie diet and exercise, significant weight loss can be achieved.  However, the multiple drug like compounds in Lipo 6 are dangerous for many people and can interact with many other drugs.  Therefore, Lipo 6 is not a recommended method to safely remove fat from your body.

What is Lipo?

Lipo is a surgical procedure to permanently remove fat from the body.  Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia and allows for the targeted removal of fatty deposits.  Hollow liposuction cannulas are inserted into the fatty layer and fat cells are removed from the body by vacuum.  Lipo is generally considered a safe procedure when performed by trained cosmetic surgeons in controlled settings.  Modern liposuction avoids the risk of general anesthesia and allows for rapid recovery and return to activities.  New technologies like Smart Lipo, involve laser liposuction to further improve results and tighten skin.

Does Lipo work?

The fat removed by lipo is permanent.  However lipo is not a weight loss procedure nor a guarantee against future weight gain.  With maintenance of weight, the results from lipo are life long.  The advantage ofliposuction is the ability to body sculpt.  Lipo allows for body contouring that is not possible with any other procedures.  The fat removed from lipo can also be transferred to other areas like the face, breast and buttocks.  In the right patients, lipo is a safe and effective method of body sculpting.

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