Doctor’s Newsletter 2010

Doctor’s Newsletter 2010

I am writing this as I return from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) annual meeting in Orlando. Doctors from all over the world gathered to attend lectures by leaders in the fields of cosmetic surgery and age management medicine. So what is age management medicine (AMM)? We all know that aging is inevitable and there is a certain grace in accepting this. But we also currently possess the knowledge and technology to not only prolong our lives, but to improve the quality of life as we age. You don’t have to accept sun-damaged skin nor the fat and loose skin on your belly as signs of age anymore. We offer procedures and products that will safely and effectively transform your appearance to reflect your inner vitality. Saying that 50 is the new 40, is no longer a dream.

AMM looks at the totality of the individual. Proper nutrition, exercise and not smoking are critical to not only how you look but how you feel. Beleza Medspa has been at the forefront of AMM in Austin Texas. We are well known to provide our patients with great results from our services. But we also seek to go that extra step to put our patients on the road to continued success. For example: Our skin care regimens are based on long term collagen stimulation. We don’t only do great Botox and fillers, but we seek to actually turn on the production of collagen to prolong and improve your results. We offer our Smartlipo patients nutritional counseling, Hormone weight loss and lymphatic massage that are all designed to maintain their results for years to come.

In line with AMM, several new procedures were discussed at AACS. Fat transfer/grafting was a very hot topic. We have had great success in using fillers to restore facial volume. However they are limited by their duration and prices. It appears that most of us have ample supplies of great natural filler, fat! Not only does it last longer, but it offers larger volumes and best of all, it’s your tissue. Even more intriguing was the buzz about the stem cells in fat. These stem cells can be separated from the fat or transferred with it. They hold the promise of rejuvenative abilities at their new locations that we can only dream about. Anecdotal evidence has already shown that skin where fat has been transferred for volume replacement appears to be rejuvenated! Beleza has already been offering fat transfer to smartlipo patients or as a stand-alone procedure. We can reinflate sunken cheeks and hollows around the eyes, plump brows and lips and redefine jaw lines, which can dramatically refresh your face. This is a rapidly evolving field and we are on the cutting edge in Austin.

Laser lipolysis (fat melting) was another popular focus of the speakers. The general consensus was that the type or power of the laser wasn’t important. What made the difference was the skill of the surgeon and the overall energy delivered. I have been doing Smartlipo laser liposuction for 2 years now. I pride myself as being proficient in manual liposuction and utilizing Smartlipo as a tool to tighten skin. This is important as fancy, powerful lasers will not be able to compensate for poor skills or lack of experience. If you are interested in this procedure, I invite you to come in for a consultation where you can view actual patient photos and discuss with me.

Fractionated laser resurfacing was also frequently discussed. There have been major advances in the understanding of these procedures. We have been performing DOT fractionated co2 laser resurfacing for more than a year and a half now. As the most effective part of our collagen stimulation program, we have gathered valuable knowledge and experience with DOT therapy. The results we have been obtaining are impressive and we continue to refine the procedure.

2010 will see us offering new services that will continue to complement our AMM theme. Our hormone weight loss program offers safe, rapid weight loss while resetting the metabolism to keep the weight off. Soon we will roll out our bio-identical hormone replacement clinic. Utilizing natural hormones identical to our own, we will treat imbalances of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid. Symptoms like PMS, andropause and menopause, and adrenal fatigue syndrome can easily be treated with small amounts of these hormones.
So as you can see there will be many exciting things happening at Beleza this year. I invite you to come in and learn more about them. We all realize that we are going to age but let’s go down kicking and screaming!

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