Month: February 2013

Liposuction in Austin Texas

Are you looking for Liposuction in Austin Texas?

The choice to get liposuction used to be a difficult one.  Getting liposuction required going under, hospitals, expensive fees and all kinds of risks.  These days the choice is much easier.  Liposuction in Austin TX is now an office based procedure performed under local anesthesia.  Recovery is much faster and normal activities can be

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Smart Lipo Neck

What is Smart Lipo Neck?

Do you have a double chin? Does it make you look older and fat?  There is an easy solution.  Smart Lipo neck is an office based procedure performed under local anesthesia.  A small incision is made under your chin where it can’t be

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Lipo Deals

Are You looking for Lipo Deals?

Body By Beleza offers the best lipo deals at our state of the art facility.  Experienced cosmetic surgeonLawrence Broder MD has performed more than 1000 individual patient liposuction procedures.  Using local anesthesia, the procedure is very safe and has no long recovery.  He combines smartlipo laser liposuctionto melt fat and tighten

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